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Come dance with us... here's why!

We offer a variety of classes for all ages at Yarmouth Dance Academy

Whether you dance recreationally or wish to continue to study dance after high school, Yarmouth Dance Academy is the school for you. Our instructors are educators who have also studied their dance styles at post-secondary institutions with professional standards and continue to do so on a yearly basis. This keeps us on the forefront of dance education, enabling us to bring fresh, new and up-to-date material to the school, while maintaining ballet traditions. Dancers training at Yarmouth Dance Academy are therefore instructed by these techniques which will keep our dancers strong, healthy and help prevent short and long term injuries.  

Classes at YDA

Creative Movement

Dance Exploration - Ballet


Advanced Ballet

Jazz/Dance Fitness


Dance Exploration - Contemporary

Required Dance Supplies and Attire

for Classes at YDA

Creative Movement (CM),

- Dancers are to wear something comfortable and easy to move in.

- ballet slippers with no drawstrings are suggested, but socks or bare feet will work too.

- Hair out of their face.

- Water bottle is recommended

Advanced Ballet, Ballet

- Dancers are to have a black leotard,

- Theatrical Pink tights,

- Ballet pink/nude Ballet slippers with no drawstrings.

- Hair MUST be in a bun

- Skirts are allowed.

- Water bottle is recommended.

A nude leotard is recommended (not required) for performances (especially those who are in multiple dances)

- Ballet sweaters are also recommended for the cooler months. (No hoodies or large sweaters are allowed for class)


- Black camisole leotard (required for performing)

- black leggings (required for performing),

- Comfortable and easy to move in clothing

- Bare feet, or contemporary shoes/socks

- Hair to be up and out of their face.

- Water bottle is recommended


- Black camisole leotard (required for performing)

- Black leggings (required for performing)

- comfortable and easy to move in clothing

- Jazz shoes or Jazz sneakers